Miniature dogs by SuAmi

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(Dogs With The Most Unique Coats On Earth)


I want them all.

they look like pokemon

Sunday Sep 28 06:46pm

Sunday Sep 28 06:36pm
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I will now use this as a check list for which ones i have pet.


Thursday Sep 25 11:20am



Incredible crocheted food by Hipota

Wednesday Sep 24 10:39am


Beth Zimmerman

Wednesday Sep 24 10:22am
I would much prefer to be a good person than a nice person and to be a good person you sometimes have to be bolshie, you have to be a bit angry. You have to say ‘no’. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being angry. Andrew Scott for Attitude magazine (via wsswatson) Monday Sep 22 09:41am
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Monica Ramos, Comfort Foods

Friday Sep 12 11:07am
It’s been a ‘mom jean’ kind of week.👖

It’s been a ‘mom jean’ kind of week.👖

Friday Sep 5 12:00pm


Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear

Momma bears are a fairly devoted bunch, and because bears are so incredibly cute, the moments they enjoy in the spring when raising their young cubs can be truly precious. That’s why we collected this list of 20 photos of adorable bear parenting moments.

During their hibernation, momma bears of various species lose as much as half of their body weight while their nursing cubs grow rapidly off of their milk. Some momma bears go so far as to consume their cubs’ waste – to keep the den clean and to recycle their lost nutrients. Once the bears end their hibernations, it’s time for the cubs to learn by example. Their mothers show them how to survive and the cubs do their best to keep up. After all, in 2-3 years, their mother will begin chasing them off to begin their own independent lives.

  1. trolljenta
  2. Marina Cano
  3. Marco Mattiusi
  4. Anton Belovodchenko
  5. Graham Erik Mandre
  6. Anton Belovodchenko
  7. Peter Stahl
  8. Sergei Gladyshev
  9. Edwin Kats
Wednesday Sep 3 11:27am
Saturday Aug 23 02:30pm
Work or somethin’

Work or somethin’

Tuesday Aug 19 11:51pm
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